Friday, April 5, 2013

2013 Women's Final Four Merchandise

Shop for 2013 NCAA Women's Final Four gear at Fanatics!The regionals are done and only four remain for the 2013 National Championship in women's college basketball. New Orleans is the sight and tip-off begins April 7. And the champ will be crowned on April 9th. You can access the 2013 women's basketball championship official site, here. It's more than a site. There's information on travel, a daily schedule, the 4KayRun, clinics, Tourney Town and much more.

You need gear? You got it! We have the link to Final Four tees and team apparel. Best of all, it's in one place!

Be sure and browse the college store for additional links to team apparel. We also have links to the WNIT. Utah will take on Drexel for the WNIT championship, April 6th. Purchase gear for these schools too.

The college store also lists March Madness apparel from the final sixteen who competed as well as 2013 championship conference apparel.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

As we near the end of 2012 and are in the midst of the Christmas holiday season, we want to help you with your shopping needs. We will be giving you our favorite merchandise picks, in the 25 Days of Christmas.

What qualifies as a good pick? For us, vintage is always a good option. We will choose from apparel, trading cards, or memorabilia. We play no favortism to sport, although there is more available for basketball and soccer, but we will give equal opportunity to the other team sports as well.

Check in with us daily to see our pick. And as always, if you have a unique or rare item that fits our needs, we'd love to feature it. Send us a note.

Happy shopping everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Can We Please Have Some Women's Olympic Memorabilia

Team USA women's basketball, soccer and water polo brought home gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics. The volleyball team won silver against Brazil. This years Olympic games were both exciting and historical. The women's basketball team won their 5th consecutive gold medal. The US won 46 gold medals with US women being responsible for 29 of them. The soccer match between  Team USA and Japan was witnessed by over 80,000 in the stadium.

So now it's over and with beaming pride I do as I always do after big women's sporting events, I look for the merchandise. I'd been previously looking for basketball jerseys and agreed with many in the twittersphere about the inability to purchase a women's jersey. Are you kidding me? The drive for five gold medals, and there are none to be found? At least the USWNT has Team USA World Cup Jerseys.

I could find no commemorative gear for water polo or volleyball. Where is it? Is it buried on page 17 of the google search? Do most companies think we (female sports fans) aren't interested in memorabilia? What is offered is a Nike U.S. Women's Soccer 2012 Olympics Victory T-Shirt and Olympic Team T-Shirts which features the women's basketball 2012 foundation tee in red.

We appreciate the effort and sacrifice that the athletes make in order to participate and represent our country. Most definitely it's a labor of love. But just so you know, many more are rooting and celebrating your accomplishments, we offer this Olympic Celebration design.

The design features the five circles mimicking the Olympic rings.
top circles represent the three gold medal winning women's sports, 
water polo, soccer and basketball. The bottom circles represent the 
American flag and the silver medal volleyball squad. The year is included
and the word "women". This gives it a distinctive feel that it is particularly
designed for the women's Olympic successes. Click the Buy Now button to purchase this item.

We try our best to offer what mainstream companies miss out on and that is women's specific products dedicated to the "fan" of the women's game.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Alabama...The 2012 NCAA Softball Champs!

For the last six years the conversation has been, "when will the east coast break out and win the NCAA National Championship in softball?" With the exception of the 2005 Michigan Wolverines, the National Champ has come from the west. The SEC has had a team competing for the coveted title four of the last five tries, only to lose. I guess you could say the sixth times the charm.

The 2012 WCWS series between Alabama and Oklahoma was both thrilling and entertaining and game three proved to have excitement and controversy, with the weather having a hand in the ultimate outcome. Check out the post game articles from the NCAA and the BIG 12 conference.

Congratulations go out to the University of Alabama for winning their first National Championship in women's softball! They add to an impressive count of 2012 Alabama National Champions in women's golf, and gymnastics and men's football. Grab your Alabama Crimson Tide 2012 Softball National Champions gear complete with a large selection of t-shirts, caps, pennants and more.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

40-0! And National Champs!

Has it sunk in? 40 wins, no losses. Truly "running the table" in women's division I basketball. Sure, there have been a few 39-0 marks, what's one more game. Either way you look at it having an undefeated season AND capping it off with a National Championship is an accomplishment that warrants praise. Will it be a record broken? Maybe or maybe not. It will be remembered and it will be talked about for years to come. It will most certainly be challenged by the same team in it's 2012-13 basketball campaign. Is a 40-0 repeat possible!

Celebrate the present with an onslaught of Baylor Bears -2012 NCAA Women's Basketball National Champions Gear Choose from an array of t-shirts, caps, banners and signs. You're sure to find something.

Your team may have competed and lost, that's okay. Just getting to the Final Four is an accomplishment in itself. This years participants all had unfinished business led by the #1 seed Baylor Lady Bears. Grab their Final Four tee here. Don't forget about Notre Dame, Stanford and UCONN.

Even though the 2012 National Championship is a memory, there is still time to collect the official NCAA 2012 Women's Basketball Tournament Final Four Group T-Shirt or NCAA 2012 Women's Basketball Tournament Final Four Group Long Sleeve T-Shirt Just a fan of the games? The 2012 Women's Final Four Logo T-Shirt is still available! If you missed out on a piece of last year's history, the 2011 Final Four Logo Pin and lanyard as well as the 2010 Final Four Cap are still available and on sale!

Times ticking,... Savor this years championship, because in about six months the hype will begin again and the road to a repeat will be in full effect.

Congratulations Baylor!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoop Central At A Quick Glance

Just a note to tell you about the new page added to the womensgame site.  It lists the top conference tournaments in schedule form. The ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, SEC and Pac 12 (which will be added later) are all listed on one page for a quick glance. Stay updated as the teams move through their brackets. The page will stay active throughout conference tournament play.

This is just the first step to the madness we call March! Conference tournaments start March 1st!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Last Merchandise Site You'll Ever Need!

It is my goal to take the search work out of finding women's licensed team sports apparel and memorabilia. It is a labor of love and a task I am willing to accept wholeheartedly! What comes next in this chapter is a culmination of my desire to help all fans of women's team sports never have to wonder,..."where can I find merchandise of ______? You fill in the blank.

This dream started for me in 1994,....
Louisiana Tech vs.North Carolina for the NCAA women's basketball national championship. With time winding down in regulation, Carolina's Charlotte Smith hits a jumper at the buzzer to give the Tarheels the win.

Living in Georgia at the time, I went out the next day, excited by the prospect of scoring a commemorative championship tee. I searched Champs, Sports Authority, Finish Line and a couple lesser known sporting goods retailers around my area. I got nothing, unless you count the blank stares when I asked if they were going to be getting a shipment of the championship tee.

We've come a long way. Manufacturers now recognize that women's sports memorabilia items and replica jerseys are gaining new fans. The internet can put products in your hand overnight, so it is my pleasure to simplify this situation just a little bit more.

With a mix of league shops, specialty women's sports apparel stores, accessories, throwbacks, league championship apparel and collegiate championship apparel, the aim is to put all team sports and sports stores under one roof. Need to score the Maryland field hockey championship tee? It's listed here. How about the Minnesota Lynx Championship apparel. It's here too! Looking for soccer throwback jerseys or memorabilia from defunct women's sports leagues and teams? We try our best to locate those items as well!

What ties us (the women's sports community) all together is our continued support for the next generation. We are ambassadors for the future as well as historians of the past. Ultimately "WE" are our biggest fans. A group as diverse as our sports who share a passion for success.

Please check out the site and share it with other women's sports fans. Share it on facebook, tweet about it, forward to your friends. Let's get the word out! Help me make the site the best it can be! Feedback is always encouraged. I love hearing comments and suggestions.

Know of a shop which caters to women's licensed sports apparel or accessories? Submit their name and website for inclusion on the "shops" page.

This is a work in progress, continually morphing to be better able to serve you, the fans. Thanks so much for your support! Now go check out the site!